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Investment That Unlocks Demand

You've poured blood, sweat and years into your business. You've got happy customers ... But there aren't enough of them. You aren't growing fast enough to hit your targets.

Everything would be different if you unlocked demand. 

Most companies try to raise traditional VC or PE money when they hit this point. Raise a round, start hiring sales and marketing roles, and try to generate more sales.

Unfortunately, it usually doesn't work.

Less than 1 in 10 marketing campaigns work, especially if the founder doesn't have hands-on experience running large scale demand gen programs. On average 27% of sales hires turn over in a year. More than 50% of reps will miss quota. Senior hires do no better - the average VP sales at a smaller company lasts less than 17 months.

No wonder building a demand generation and sales machine is so hard.

As fast as you build it, the team is changing. There's no consistency, and you're getting strategy whiplash as each new team member tries to put their stamp on the company by throwing out the work of the last one. That sales model you built? It didn't survive contact with reality.  

We have a better model.

Skip the exhausting merry-go-round of fundraising, hiring, strategizing, firing, re-hiring, re-strategizing ... then fundraising again, because your last demand gen team didn't work out.

Our investments consist of expertise, manpower, capital, and relationships - developed collaboratively with you, and with your company's ultimate exit in mind.

Our investments can include much more than capital:

  • complete brand & demand strategy
  • hands-on development of your demand generation program
  • staffing your program so you don't have to hire
  • funding customer acquisition
  • operational excellence

In other words, an investment that's as close as possible to installing a turn-key sales and marketing operation into your business.

For most founders, their zone of genius is in developing great products and keeping customers excited about it. You've got enough on your plate without having to learn every nuance of hiring and managing another team.

If this sounds like what you're looking for, read below to see if you qualify for an investment.

CEO Feedback: Working With Us
The CEO of Fluxe describes working with us on his strategic plan. Fluxe added 18% net new revenue in 24 days, and is on track to 2x revenue in 12 months.
Investments: Who We Work With

The ideal businesses for our investment fits these criteria:

  • Businesses with no more than three controlling shareholders and no institutional (VC, PE, corporate) investors.
  • Already has sales - we do not invest in pre-revenue companies.
  • Needs help generating predictable and scalable demand

Our minimum equity stake for investments is 25%. We do not do advisory board work.

If you fit these criteria, click the button below to submit an inquiry about working together.