Build a Scalable, Sellable Agency
You're Busy Building Assets For Clients. Let's Build a Business For You.
Because we have a ROI guarantee, we only work with ambitious owners who want to build. Is that you?
All Your Work Is Building ... Nothing
You're riding on a rollercoaster of too much work and hunting for business, no predictability, and client demands impacting your personal life.

Worst of all? Even when revenue is good today, most agencies are unsellable. All that work isn't building you an asset you can sell.
  • Overworked
  • Focused on today, not tomorrow
  • Never able to get ahead
  • Feast-or-famine billings
  • Hitting a plateau
  • Drained of energy
  • Not building a business that can be sold
  • ... And nobody to go to for help
We Fixed The Model So You Can Exit
Shed the notion that the value is in your labor. Discover the clarity and freedom of owning a business that's built on intellectual property. Spend each day building value in a sellable asset. What does that look like?
  • A steady flow of perfect-fit, less price-sensitive clients
  • Replace pitches that go nowhere with a predictable selling system
  • Move from doing lots of custom work to building your own platform
  • Simplify your business
  • Free you from the day-to-day operations and trying to scale revenue by hiring
  • Build real enterprise value with technology and real IP assets that can be sold for 400%+ more than services businesses
  • A clear roadmap to follow
  • Be kept accountable to ensure you execute
Turn your business into an asset, reaping the profit and exit multiples of a product company.
Three Stages of Growth
While every agency is unique, the steps to creating a valuable company are the same. Here's how we take agencies from trapped, to growth, to real enterprise value.
Get Stability, Sales & Time Freedom
Get off the feast-or-famine treadmill and free up time to work strategically
Increase leverage & Grow Easily
Productize your service offering as a first step towards creating a real asset
Create Real IP With Exit Value
Use your client base to finance development of real technology & network assets
The Agency Ascension Growth Model™
Evolve your business from painful & unsellable to an easy-to-manage enterprise with great exit opportunities. We'll help you get there based on real experience not only doing it ourselves, but deep expertise in the M&A process and how to create IP with exit value.
9 out of 10 agencies and consulting firms are unsellable. Let's make sure you're not one of them.
An Exit Isn't What You Think
The stats are clear: 90% of agencies are not sellable.

What's worse: most exits that do happen are distressed exits with little payout - because the business becomes unsustainable, owner burnout, due to health reasons, or needing to support family.
When that time comes, there are two paths based on how you choose to build your business today:
 Traditional Model
There is no exit. Turn off the lights and walk away empty-handed because you built a job, not a company
IP Based Model
Have the choice to sell the business for a big payout or keep on cashflowing it - because you've built a business asset
Wealth & freedom comes from owning assets, not doing labor. You choose what to spend your time on.
Imagine Yourself This Time Next Year
You're already working hard, delivering for clients. That's not going to get easier.

Agency Ascension is for owners who have a bigger vision than just working for today.
  • You've got time, energy and excitement about your business and personal life
  • You're building a business asset that pays you today and has real exit value
  • You have clarity about the best path forward for your business
  • You have confidence being guided by mentors who have done what you want to do
  • You're part of a community of like-minded business owners who think big

The question is whether you're going to take action now, or let next year be the same as last.
CEO Feedback: Working With Us
The CEO of Fluxe describes working with us on his strategic plan. Fluxe added 18% net new revenue in 24 days of execution, and is on track to 2x revenue in 12 months.
If you have the ambition, we have the system.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much time do I need to devote to the process?
The first thing we'll do is create a roadmap that quickly frees up 5-10 hours per week. We recommend that you dedicate at least 5 of those hours towards the program.
Will I have access to my coaches and mentors?
Absolutely. You'll have a whole team helping you. The Agency Ascension team will be connected to you every week and you will have multiple touchpoints answering questions and advancing your projects.
I'm not sure about IP/Products yet & just want to grow my agency, is this a fit?
If you're ambitious, then yes. In the first few months of working together you'll have a completely new way of selling, easier client deployment, and more time for yourself. We guarantee a 5x return on investment.

We think that once you're free of services headaches you'll realize how much bigger your opportunities are, and go from there.

Who will I be working with?
You'll have an entire team supporting you, including your own client concierge who will ensure you get the resources you need.

Depending on what your needs are, we'll connect you with specialists in positioning, marketing, operations, hiring, productization, development, and more.

Most important, we'll hold you accountable to making progress like nobody else has.
What do you mean by creating "Real IP"?
Some firms try to move to a "productized service" model. While this is an improvement over a traditional services model, it's a far cry from an IP based business. With us you'll productize your offering as just a first, small step towards creating substantially more revenue and enterprise value.

IP based businesses - with proprietary technology, community network effects, and intellectual property - command sale multiples 3x - 5x higher than productized services businesses.

Why go halfway, when your business can be that much more profitable and valuable?

I don't know how to code. Can I still do this?
Absolutely. The ability for non-technical leaders to create real technology has never been better.

The bottleneck for creating real IP has shifted from the ability to code (which can be hired out), to the ability to create products that solve real-world problems. You've shown you're solving problems with your services - just your current delivery method doesn't build asset value.

If you have technical skills in-house, great. If not, tens of thousands of regular companies are now creating and deploying networks, communities, software, apps, and other technology assets without being coders themselves. We'll hold your hand through it.
I don't have an idea for a product, is this right for me?
You don't need an idea right now, in fact it's great if you don't have one. Your IP concepts will come from your skills, client base, and goals - and there's a process for that.

You're in a unique situation - you've got existing customers to help you define, create, and refine a product.

We'll guide you through a process that will create a unique product that you're uniquely suited to deliver.

You'll also have a built-in initial customer base - something that most new product creators can only dream of.

Can't I just hire developers and build IP/technology myself?
You're welcome to try, but we've seen countless founders burn time and money hiring developers and failing. That's because you're moving to a new business model, that requires specific frameworks:

Customer need identification, problem validation, market validation, rapid iteration, scale planning, and exit planning.

Most importantly, the project needs to build asset value in your company. If this isn't done with a deep understanding of both technology and M&A, your results won't be nearly as good. That's where we shine and will help.
Experts in Agency Growth, Intellectual Property, M&A, and Technology on Your Team. 
About Us
Agency Ascension was founded by serial entrepreneur, agency founder, investor and former IP attorney Raj Jha.

Raj has been at the intersection of services, technology, and IP law for over 20 years.
  • 4x founder, including three services companies, scaled agency to exit 
  • Former Silicon Valley IP attorney who knows the difference between surface-level "service productization" that has little exit value, and real IP that creates massive enterprise value
  • Over $2B in M&A transactions
  • Degree in computer science and 3x tech executive turning services-based businesses into technology platforms (1x multiple to 12x+ multiple)
  • Advised companies such as Facebook, Yahoo, Electronic Arts, and Polycom
  • Has overseen the creation of over 753 strategic plans
Raj Jha
Founder & CEO
Agency Exit • $2B in M&A • IPO • Former IP Attorney • 3x Tech Executive 
Raj created Agency Ascension to help owners turn agencies that are jobs into businesses with real value.

He also invests in those technologies, networks, and apps, helping owners scale their business faster.
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