We acquire closely-held companies and continue their legacy

Your Business, in Safe Hands

As an entrepreneur you’ve worked hard to create a successful business. Few people understand the risks you took, the stress it caused, and how long the road was. You care about the legacy of what you've built, and the people that have been a part of the journey.

When you decide to sell your business, your acquiror should be one who understands what it took to get where you are today.

It's important that you can leave with no regrets - knowing your team, vendors and customers will remember how well you transitioned ... and feeling like they're being taken care of by the new owners.

It's important to find a home for your business that lets you sleep well while you proudly watch the next chapter of your business unfold.

Exit Scout is a private investment and holding company backed by entrepreneurs who have founded, operated, grown, and exited businesses with integrity.

Acquisitions: Who We Work With

The ideal businesses for our acquisition fits these criteria:

  • A closely-held or family-owned business
  • No more than three controlling shareholders
  • Positive EBITDA
What To Do Next

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